Covid-19 Operational Guidelines

Wake Forest Microscopy Core Covid-19 Operational Guidelines

Adoption of these new practices and guidelines are intended to limit physical interactions and promote a safe work environment for all microscopy facility users. 

Updated Regulations and Distancing Rules:

  • 24 hour advanced electronic equipment signup/scheduled strongly encouraged (no drop-in usage)
  • Imaging sessions should include 30 minute gaps  to allow air clearance
  • Strong recommendation to limit 1 person per operating zone for periods longer than a few minutes– these zones encompass separate sub-rooms within core facilities with doors to remain closed while in occupancy. When zones are shared maintain social distancing. 
    • WD zones (4): main entry, confocal room, V-16 room, and manager office) 
    • Winston 002 zones (5): main entry, SEM room, inverted microscope/histology room, upright microscope room, manager office) 
    • Winston 009 (2): main entry, confocal room
    • Winston 001 (3): front half of teaching lab, rear section of teaching lab, culture room 

Labs are encouraged to limit training needs for novel users by perhaps designating a single new user per semester that will focus on microscopy acquisition and operate equipment. Utilize video/phone chat for remote assistance as possible. Due to extremely high equipment utilization on confcoal microscopes (particularly WD Zeiss 880) at this time we are unable to welcome new Wake Health research users into our facility. 

 New electronic training/help videos are in development to supplement in-person training and will be implemented to facilitate theoretical background for each microscope and specific video-based practical instruction for use of each device and acquisition software. 

PPE and Saftey Protocols: Users will be required to BYO mask and wear at all times when working in the core. Gloves will be provided and can be worn at according to user discretion. Equipment sanitation and ETOH wipedown steps are no longer required. Core managers will perform cleaning steps on a routine basis.