Recommended Book Resources.


Handbook of Biological Confocal Microscopy  (2006)  James Pawley. Springer Science & Business Media, LLC., NY. This book is a comprehensive resource for confocal microscopy and quantitative fluorescent imaging.

Imaging in Neuroscience and Development  (2005)  Rafael Yuste & Arthur Konnerth. Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press, NY. Although this text specializes in developmental neuroscience, most of the detailed protocols for fluorescent imaging techniques can be readily generalized.

Scientific Imaging with Photoshop: Methods, Measurement, and Output (2008) Jerry Sedgewick. New Riders. Jerry is the go-to expert for biological image processing utilizing Photoshop. Learn all the tips and tricks from the master. Pick up a copy, then amaze your friends with all your techniques!

Bioimaging: Current Concepts in Light and Electron Microscopy (2009) Douglas Chandler & Robert Roberson. Jones and Bartlett Publishers, Sudbury MA. This is an entry level text for understanding fundamentals and history of microscopy.

Electron Microscopy. 1999. 2nd ed. Bozzola and Russell. Jones and Barlett Publishers, MA.
This book is a comprehensive resource for those wishing to learn electron microscopy. There are chapters describing the design and function of scanning and transmission electron microscopes, methods for preparing samples for these microscopes, as well as chapters focusing on interpretation of collected images.

The Image Processing Handbook. 2002. 4th ed. J. Russ. CRC Press, NY.
This book contains an in depth treatment of image acquisition and image analysis concepts and procedures. There are chapters dedicated to spatial and frequency domain image processing techniques as well as common analysis methods including thresholding, segmentation, feature recognition, and stereology.