Echo Revolve4 Microscope


The Revolve is the first of it’s kind.  With just a touch of a button it can be moved from a inverted microscope to an upright microscope. This microscope features Olympus research grade objectives and LED light sources.  Come in today to try the Revolve microscope out. Located in RM 2607 at Wake Downtown.  Please contact Dr. Heather Brown-Harding for training.


Objectives: Plan Apo 1.25/0.04, Plan-Fluorite 4x/0.13 Pol, Plan-Achro 10x/0.25 Ph1, Plan-Fluorite 20x/0.45 Ph1, Plan-Apo 40x/0.95.   All objectives are dry and we suggest trying one of the confocals if you need more resolution.

Cubes: DAPI (EX:385/30 DM:425 EM:450/50), FITC/GFP (EX 470/40 DM:495 EM: 525/50), TxRed/RFP (EX 560/40 DM:600 EM:635/60)

Accessories: Phase objectives and Phase ring, Polarizer kit (polarizer/analyzer).