AxioZoom V16




The Zeiss Axio Zoom V16 combines a large field of view or highly detail magnified image with superb fluorescent capabilities. This new addition can be found at Wake Downtown in room 2807.

The Axio “Zoom” microscope is a common main objective (CMO) type stereo microscope, which allows for more efficient collection of light and subsequently greater resolution. It features broad flexibility for type of sample, allowing visualization of intact whole organisms, thin sectioned tissues, individual cells or micro structural features, or even small inorganic items and polymers. Samples with larger depth can be imaged in 3D with the motorized z-drive. The Axio Zoom features touch screen control for rapid magnification adjustment and most other capabilities.


Fluorescence Features

The Axio Zoom has a high intensity metal halide light source and filters sets 49 (blue/UV), 38 (green/GFP), and 63 (red/mRFP). To determine if your dyes/fluorophores are a good match, examine the excitation and emission details of each of these filter cubes.



We have on hand the PlanApo Z 0.5x/0.125, PlanNeoFluar Z 1.0x/1.25, and PlanNeoFluar Z 2.3x/0.57 objective lenses. Combined with the 16X zoom capabilities, the ideal field of view and magnification are just a simple touch away for your sample.


Our V16 microscope is equipped with two cameras: the Zeiss AxioCam 506 monochrome for fluorescent imaging and the Zeiss AxioCam MRc5 for full color imaging.  Image collection, annotation, and manipulation is accomplished with the Zen blue software complete with multi-channel, z-stack, extended focus and time lapse modules.