Microscopy resources are located in the Biology Department, Winston Hall room 009 and 002, on the Reynolda campus of Wake Forest University.  A dedicated confocal imaging suite in room 009 was renovated in 2008 and houses a Zeiss 710 confocal with 8 laser lines and spectral imaging capabilities.  A small meeting space, tissue prep areas, and standard laboratory facilities exist within the Confocal Imaging Center. Located nearby in room 002 is the Microscopic Imaging Core Facility with two Zeiss fluorescent microscopes, an Amray SEM with digital image capture, a Leica MZ16 motorized stereomicroscope with fluorescence, an Ethosvision motion tracking station, several additional stereoscopes, a data analysis workstation including deconvolution capabilities, and a large central room with sample preparation equipment. For more details regarding equipment link to individual resources at the right.


A new facility has opened at Wake Downtown in Building 60S RM 2806.  This suite has prep areas, 37C incubator, as well as the Zeiss LSM 880 with Airyscan, Zeiss V16 AxioZoom, and Echo Revolve4.  There is a custom built workstation in 2807 to assist with image processing and analysis.  The set up includes 128G of RAM and high powered NVIDIA graphics card for your most intense processing needs.

Please see Wake Downtown Microscopy Facility or LSM 880 Confocal Microscope posts for more information.

An advanced computer and networking infrastructure is in place at Wake Forest University to support these facilities. Both rooms have wired and wireless network access with  three internal networks and a 30TB server dedicated to storage of microscopic images and analysis. The confocal microscope has a 30 inch HP 3065 high resolution monitor, and an HP Z820 64-bit workstation with 16GB of RAM to support image acquisition, analysis, and post-processing. A second full copy of the Zeiss confocal microscopy software package is available for off-line image manipulation and analysis.  Image analysis software, including Volocity (Improvision) and Image Pro Plus (Media Cybernetics) are available.